Our Mission:

To find clean environment and bio-based solutions for everyday products, commercial to residential. Our solutions are:

  • reliable
  • replenishable
  • non-toxic
  • biodegradable
  • safe, both for the people who use them and the environment in which they are used

From Our Clients:

“As an asphalt paving company in the state of Minnesota, we are very happy with the performance and price of your natural soy asphalt release. To be more environmentally friendly, we were looking for a non-toxic biodegradable asphalt release agent for dump boxes and rollers. We tested 5 other release agents and found that yours with up to a 20:1 mix with water ratio gave us the results we were looking for at a very economical price. From May to November we pave around 1000 lane miles. We feel your product will help our company be more efficient and profitable.” – Loren Ritter, Anderson Brothers Construction, May 2017

Who Uses Natural Soy Products?

City Municipalities
State & National Parks
Correctional Facilities
Construction & Roads Crews
Schools & Universities
Manufacturers & Warehouses
Everyday Customers

Do Natural Soy Products Really Work?

Absolutely! Natural Soy Products were originally designed for industrial-strength jobs. You will find that these products work as well, if not better than traditional toxic products. Soy has many powerful properties. When using our products, you will find it takes fewer applications and less elbow grease to do the job.

“Others need to know how great it works. I am a very happy customer.” – Janice from Ohio

Natural Soy Products contain no hazardous ingredients as defined under the U.S. OSHA Hazard Communications Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200) or the Canadian Hazardous Products Act S.C. 1987, C30 (Part 1).   Learn more