Biobased Grease

5th Wheel Biobased Grease is a superior biobased and biodegradable grease for sliding surfaces. This product is specially formulated to provide an economical, high-performance lubricant for applications such as 5th wheel tractor-trailer surfaces or marine push plates. It is a proprietary blend of renewable resources, heavy-duty solid lubricants and special additives. The product also provides anti-rust, anti-salt and anti-corrosion properties to withstand the harsh operating environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent adhesion to plate — can even be applied when plate is wet
  • Formulated for extreme pressures
  • Rust, salt and corrosion protection
  • Easily applied
  • High compatibility with existing lubricant on plate
  • Biobased and biodegradable — made primarily from soybeans
  • Meets USDA’s product definition for EO 13101
  • Complies with State of Iowa SF 2249 for Purchasing Preference for Biobased Lubricants


Sliding surfaces commonly found within:
TRUCKING: 5th Wheels and Slide Rails
MARINE: Slip-Ways, Push-Plates, Cables
FARM EQUIPMENT: PTO Splines, Slide Surfaces
CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT: Cables, Hoists, Slide Surfaces


Primary Service Intervals:
• Apply 5th Wheel Biobased Grease as needed.
• Apply 5th Wheel Biobased Grease to leading edge of surfaces.
• 5th Wheel Biobased Grease is intended for sliding surfaces and open lubrication only.
Intermediate Service Intervals:
• Apply to dry spots as needed.

Sizes Available

385 lb drum
35 lb pail

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