Rail Lube Sticks

Proven results that stand the test of time

Solid sticks are the most cost-effective and reliable method of wheel flange lubrication, designed to improve the interface conditions of the wheel-rail cooperation.

The Natural Soy solid stick for wheel flange lubrication is a proven product, used by thousands of trains throughout North America and Europe.

Diesel locomotiveOur stick works in any climate, on any terrain. Performance is not affected by extreme temperatures, humidity or height above sea level.

The Natural Soy solid lubricant stick:
• Reduces the coefficient of friction
• Minimizes wear on wheel flange and gauge face of the rail
• Saves fuel and extends rail life
• Reduces noise
• Reduces risk of derailment
• Reduces cost of track structure maintenance

As a soy-based product produced in the US, the sticks are not only extremely durable but also provide a positive environmental impact, especially when compared to the molybdenum disulfide sticks. They also last up to 60% longer, reducing overall costs.

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Flange lube sticks


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“After a two-year period of use, we observed a considerable (about 40-50%) decrease in the pace of the wear of the wheel flanges compared to locomotives not equipped with the lubrication system. Moreover, a decrease in the intensity of noise emitted by the wheel-sets during the ride was observed.”

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“The purchase cost of the soybean oil-based sticks are lower than the cost of graphite sticks; the applied layer of lubricant stays resistant to weather conditions; and it is not removed from the metal surfaces after precipitation. The soybean oil-based sticks characterize themselves with lower wearing at steel wheel surfaces than the graphite sticks.”

Extremely effective in reducing coefficient of friction

Wheel tested with SLB-FLS-2000

Tested with Natural Soy Flange Lube Stick

Wheel tested with Molybdenum Disulfide Stick

Tested with Molybdenum Disulfide Stick

Magnified x100

Results from Natural Soy stick magnified x100

Molybdenum magnified x100

Results from Molybdenum stick magnified x100

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