SoySeal Ultra

Proven Concrete Protection

Concrete graphic showing SoySeal Ultra protecting a cut in concreteSoySeal Ultra is a proven, biodegradable soy based sealant that is absorbed into the pores near the concrete’s surface, creating a hydrophobic barrier which blocks water and salt.

It is suitable for use on:

  • pavement
  • driveways
  • sidewalks
  • patios
  • steps
  • blocks

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Remains fluid
Penetrates into concrete
Protects anywhere fluids can enter
Blocks water
Blocks salt
Prevents freezing damage

Proven Protection: Freeze-thaw samples after 280 cycles

Concrete showing test results

SoySeal Ultra is a patented product which resulted from research in Purdue Civil Engineering.

Untreated (plain) samples and silane based sealants (SBS) treated samples show significant deterioration. SoySeal Ultra treated samples show no visual damage.

Published reports of the Joint Transportation Research Program are available at:

How concrete deteriorates

Untreated concrete is easily damaged from freezing and thawing, absorbing fluids from the surface.

Video showing untreated concrete reacting to damageDamage to traditional sealants allows water to become trapped underneath, compromising the effectiveness of the sealant.

Because SoySeal Ultra by Natural Soy Products absorbs into the concrete and stays fluid, it continues to protect even after damage has occurred.Video showing damaged concrete vs idealInterested in learning more?


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